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"Harry Potter and the Children of the Night" - Part Two

In celebration of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I’m debuting a brand-new Harry Potter story throughout this week, one that pits our favorite Hogwarts characters against the creatures of Twilight.  Presented in four parts, one chapter will go up every day, Monday thru Thursday.  If you missed Part One, click here to read it before continuing with the story.

Today, we continue with Chapter Two, in which our heroes come face-to-face with the Cullen family.  Read Harry Potter and the Children of the Night – Part Two after the jump…

Harry Potter and the Children of the Night
By Jonathan R. Lack
Based on Characters Created by J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer

Chapter Two:
The Children of the Night

            It was rainy when they arrived in Forks, and to avoid being seen by muggles, Hermione landed them far on the outskirts of town, in the middle of a vast forested area.  They ran as fast as they could towards shelter, Pigwidgeon, who loved the rain, flying enthusiastically above them.  By the time they reached the town – which was surprisingly drab and ugly, menacing in subtle ways – all three were drenched to the bone, their shoes caked in mud. 
            “Hermione, if you could bring us in a little closer next time, I’d really appreciate it,” said Harry as they walked into a local inn to get out of the rain. 
            “Sorry,” she replied sincerely, wringing the water out of her hair.  “I don’t think I’m going to like Forks very much.”
            “So, where do we start?” asked Ron, eager to begin.  “Vampires on the loose, somebody has to know something.”
            “I was thinking that too,” agreed Hermione.  “Let’s start by asking around.” 
            As luck would have it, the first level of the inn was a pub – known as a bar in America, Hermione reminded them – full of locals.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione each took a section of the bar, asking people about the disappearances.  The locals were generally helpful, but none of them had any relevant information.  Ron did find one person who was a relation of one of the victims, but even she believed that it was simply the work of a sick serial killer.  None of them had seen or heard anything from a mysterious ‘creature,’ though everyone was familiar with the animal slaughters, as they had been going on for years.
            They left the bar after an hour or so of questioning.  It was mid-day, and they decided next to go door-to-door, asking residents if they had seen or heard anything unusual.  Forks was indeed a small town, and somebody was bound to know something.
            Or so they thought.  They visited dozens of houses, and still, nobody knew anything – most of the residents were distracted by Pigwidgeon, who hooted joyfully every time he met a new person.  Just as they were beginning to grow disheartened, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stumbled upon the most tremendously unhelpful person of all, a vile woman named Stephenie who annoyed them all so much that Harry himself suggested they head home straight away.  After being treated to a very random twenty minutes of ranting about literature, wherein the woman demonstrated a total misunderstanding of nearly every classic work of muggle fiction, Ron snapped and asked, extremely directly, “have you or have you not seen any vampires?”
            “Vampires?” Stephenie swooned, her eyes fluttering.  “Oh, the most romantic of all creatures!  If only they were real!”
            Harry, Ron, and Hermione all stared at her in disbelief, their mouths hanging open in shock.  Even Pigwidgeon looked angry, as though he would like nothing more than to fly out of his cage and peck her violently.  How could this woman say something so stupid?  Hermione didn’t wait to find out – she slammed the door in Stephenie’s face and stormed off, Ron and Harry following in her wake, Pigwidgeon hooting angrily.  “What a foul woman!” Hermione exclaimed, shaking her head in disgust.  “Have we ever met anyone so abysmal?”
            After cooling down, they decided not to give up, and trudged on through Forks; Pigwidgeon was growing restless, so they let him out of the cage for a minute.  He immediately flew to the shiniest object he could find, perching on top of a car in the distance.  Ron laughed when he saw where Pigwidgeon had perched.  “Look at that ridiculous car!” he grinned.  “Black and white…what does it have all those lights on top for anyway?  Do all Americans put lights on top of their cars?”
            “No, Ron, that’s a muggle police car,” Hermione explained.
            “Police?” Ron was still confused.
            “They’re like muggle Aurors,” replied Harry. “But they don’t get much done.  They mostly just drive around in those cars and pull muggle drivers over for going too fast.”  He thought back to his Uncle Vernon, who never much liked abiding by the rules of the road.
            “Too fast?” Ron laughed.  “What’s wrong with getting somewhere fast?”
            Harry and Hermione weren’t sure how to explain this bit of muggle logic to him, so they changed the subject.  “Actually, Ron, a policeman’s house should be a great place for information,” said Hermione.  “Let’s skip the rest of this block and go over there.”
            After a few minutes of trying, they got Pigwidgeon back in his cage, and went to knock on the front door.  They were greeted by a disheveled looking man with a thick moustache, still wearing his police uniform. 
“Good afternoon, officer,” said Harry. 
“Afternoon,” replied the man.  “How can I help you?”
Hermione quickly realized they’d have to come up with a good explanation for their investigation, if they were going to question an officer.  “Well,” she began, “we’re with the Seattle Times, and we’re working on a piece about all the disappearances in this area.”
“That’s reached Seattle?” he replied dryly.  “Come on in; I’m Charlie, by the way.”
“Hi Charlie, I’m Hermione,” she said, shaking his hand as they walked inside.  “This is my assistant, Harry, and my photographer, Ronald.”
“Where’s his camera?” asked Charlie, eyeing Ron suspiciously.
“Left it at home,” Ron said.  “Grabbed the owl instead.”  Charlie raised an eyebrow.  “I’m a bloody terrible photographer,” Ron added. 
“Tell me, do all reporters from Seattle have British accents?” inquired Charlie as they sat down around his kitchen table.  Harry instinctively moved his hand towards his jeans, where he had holstered his wand – Charlie, unlike much of Forks, seemed sharp.
            “Don’t worry,” Charlie continued with a grin as they exchanged furtive looks.  “I don’t much care who you are – I knew someone would come snooping around sooner or later.  You’re looking for Vampires, right?”
            Harry’s eyes widened.  How did this man know what they were looking for?
            “That’s right,” confirmed Hermione cautiously.  “But…how do you…”
            “My daughter…well, she hangs out with a weird crowd, let’s put it that way,” Charlie explained.  “I’m used to this sort of thing by now.  There have been more disappearances than the papers have caught on to – Forks isn’t as quiet as it may look.”
            “Well, then, can you point us in the right direction?” asked Hermione.
            “Go see my daughter – she’s the one you want to talk to,” said Charlie.  “Her name’s Bella, and her friends will be able to help you as well.  Once you meet them, I think everything will start to make sense.”
            This sounded ominous to Harry, and he wondered if Charlie was telling them the full story.  But it was still their only lead, and after Charlie wrote down the address and directions, Harry, Ron, and Hermione left the house feeling much more hopeful then before.
            Charlie had directed them to a place far on the outskirts of Forks, and it took them a few hours to walk all the way there.  They first crossed the Calawah river, to a neighborhood where there were only a few houses.  After this, there were no houses at all – just an expansive forest.  After a while, even the road went away, and it became very hard to navigate.  Harry couldn’t help feeling they were being led into a trap, and instructed his friends to have their wands at the ready. 
            Finally, Pigwidgeon flew far ahead and came back having found something.  With no better option, they followed him; surprisingly, he knew exactly where to go.  They entered a clearing, and there stood a tall, rectangular house, three-stories tall and faded white.  Nestled amongst the trees, it looked as sinister as it was majestic.  As Ron put Pigwidgeon back in his cage, Hermione marched on to the front door and knocked.
            They were welcomed by the palest man any of them had ever seen – his skin was unnaturally white and smooth, and Harry couldn’t help drawing comparisons between this man and the bloodless corpses from the pictures. 
            “Good afternoon,” said the man cheerfully.  “How may I help you?”
            “Hi, my name’s Harry,” he replied slowly.  “We were directed here by a police officer named Charlie – apparently, his daughter lives here.”
            “Ah, you’re looking for Bella!” the man exclaimed.  “Come right on in – she’s in the den with everyone else.  My name’s Carlisle, Carlisle Cullen – I didn’t catch your names,” he added, motioning to Ron and Hermione.
            “I’m Hermione Granger, and this is Ron Weasley,” said Hermione, trying to be as polite as possible.
            “How do you do?” muttered Ron suspiciously.
            “Excellent, thank you, and might I say, that’s a lovely owl you’ve got there – ah, here they are!” Carlisle had led them into the den, a spacious room with large, picture windows that were currently covered by blinds. 
Harry, Ron, and Hermione all gasped in astonishment at what they saw.  Pigwidgeon hooted with manic fright. 
            The room was filled with eight people, seven of them as pale and eerie and Carlisle – and as creepy as their skin looked, their eyes were even more horrifying.  Discolored in shades of gold and crimson, their eyes simply looked unnatural, and each of these people stared at Harry, Ron, and Hermione with unsettlingly penetrating gazes.  All of them looked young – Harry’s age or below – which only added to the unnerving effect.   There was one person who stood out from the crowd, a young man with a normal, darkish skin-tone and natural eye color who, for no apparent reason, had his shirt off. 
            Ron leaned over to Harry and whispered “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”  Pigwidgeon continued to hoot in terror, so Ron let him out of his cage; Pigwidgeon flew as fast as he could towards the open door, rushing away to safety. 
            “This is my family, the Cullens” explained Carlisle, “along with a friend.”  He gestured to the man without a shirt.
            Carlisle proceeded to make introductions.  There was his wife, Esme, a boy named Emmett and her husband Rosalie, the unmarried couple Alice and Jasper, a tall young man with an intense glare named Edward, and his wife, Bella.  She, above all the others, horrified Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  She was the palest by far, with a disturbingly detached look on her face – if Harry didn’t know any better, he would have guessed she was a victim of the Dementor’s Kiss.  While all the Cullens observed their guests with an intense politeness, Bella didn’t quite seem to be looking at them, her visage unstable and unsettling. 
            For Hermione, there was only one way to describe Bella.  She leaned over to Ron and, whispering as softly as she could, said “if you’re still curious, that is what a serial killer looks like.”
            “And, finally, there’s our friend Jacob,” finished Carlisle, gesturing to the man without a shirt.  “That’s everybody.”
            “Is everybody in your family arranged in couples, Carlisle?” asked Ron.
            “Why of course!” Carlisle answered exuberantly.
            “After all, women can’t function without strong men by our sides,” Alice added, embracing her boyfriend Jasper in a one-armed hug.
            “I take offense to that,” said Hermione coldly, astonished at what she had just heard.
            “Why?” Bella chimed in, confused.  “What other goal in life should I ever have had than pursuing Edward?”  She mumbled her words, and as she said them, gazed at her lover with what was probably intended to be a romantic glance; it came out as a creepy, obsessed look of detachment.  Hermione was fully prepared to debate Bella and win, but seeing that horribly unnatural look on Bella’s face instead made her take a step back.
            “Now, now Bella,” said Carlisle playfully.  “Our guests actually came to see you.”
            Bella turned her head towards them, but it still seemed like her eyes were somewhere else.  “How can I help you?” she mumbled politely. 
            “Well, actually, any of you can help us, probably,” Harry said to the group, trying to avoid Bella’s gaze.  “We’re investigating the murders around Forks – the people and the animals – and Bella’s dad said you lot would be able to give us some information.”
            Edward stepped forward.  “What exactly are you trying to accomplish?”
            “We know it’s a creature murdering these people,” Harry said matter-of-factly.  “It can’t be a person.  We’re going to find this creature, whatever it is, and get rid of it.”
            “A noble goal indeed,” Edward replied in a friendly tone, and he shook Harry’s hand.  “Do you work for the police?”
            Harry hesitated.  “Something like that,” he said, finally.  There was something familiar about Edward, and Harry couldn’t help staring at him.
            “Is something wrong?” Edward asked.
            “No, sorry,” Harry replied.  “You just look like someone I went to school with and played at Quidditch.”
            “Quidditch?” Edward was confused.
            “It’s a foreign sport,” Ron jumped in.  “Fast-paced, lots of action.”
            “Ah, sports fans!” said Carlisle.  “We love sports ourselves; our game of choice is vampire baseball.”
            “Vampire baseball?” exclaimed Ron with unrestrained incredulity.  “What the ruddy hell is that?”
            “Well, we’re all vampires, and we play baseball,” Edward explained succinctly, as though it were obvious.
            Even though Ron should have been shocked and terrified to learn that he was in a room with eight vampires, as Harry and Hermione were, he couldn’t but stay distracted at the thought of vampire baseball.
            “Okay then,” Ron continued forcefully. “What makes vampire baseball any different?”
            “Well, we’re all really fast and powerful, so we go out in the woods and show off our abilities,” explained Emmett.
            “Let me get this straight – you show off your power by playing the least physically intensive of all major sports!” Ron fumed.  “That doesn’t make any sense!”
            “Sure it does!” Carlisle said cheerfully.
            “It’s really cool,” Bella mumbled creepily.
            “Look, I’m sorry, but…bloody hell…vampire baseball?” Ron was becoming incoherent.  “That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of!  I mean, I thought you Americans were bad for inventing Quodpot, which is a total bastardization of Quidditch, mind you, but Vampire Baseball?  What the hell are you playing at?  How incredibly thick do you have to be to –”
            “RON, SHUT UP!” Hermione roared at him.  Every vampire in the room was staring at Ron with very hungry anger.
            “So all of you are vampires?” Harry clarified, still confused and a little bit frightened.  They had indeed walked right into a trap.  How could he have been so stupid?  
            “We are,” Edward nodded.
            “Isn’t it romantic?” Bella passionately mumbled.
            “Why do people keep saying that in this town?” muttered Hermione.
            “Don’t worry, Harry,” Edward said.  “We’re not going to hurt you.  We are vampires, but we’re not the ones you’re looking for.”
            This did not console Harry – if anything, it only scared him more, because no one had told Edward that they were looking for a vampire, nor that Harry’s heart was racing at the thought that these were the vampires they were hunting.  “How did you know I was thinking that?” Harry demanded.
            “Edward can read minds,” Carlisle explained.  “All of us have an ability – Edward’s is one of the most powerful.”
            Now that he was aware of it, Harry could indeed feel something probing his thoughts.  He immediately began employing his Occlumency training, blocking Edward out.  
            “Wait a minute, Carlisle,” Hermione interjected.  “Vampires don’t have telepathic abilities.”
            “Sure we do!” Carlisle laughed.  “What makes you think that?”
            Hermione stayed quiet.  She needed more information before forming a theory.
            “Like I said,” Edward continued, “we’re not the vampires you’re looking for.  We only feed on animals; think of us as vegetarians.  We refuse to drink the blood of humans.”
            “How can you be vegetarian if you’re still consuming flesh?” said a baffled Ron.
            “It’s a metaphor,” Edward insisted.  He was clearly exasperated with Ron.
            “It just seems like a poor way to describe it…” Ron muttered under his breath.
            “Okay, so you only drink the blood of animals,” Harry continued.  “The same kinds of murders have been happening to humans – is there another group of vampires around?”
            “Yes, you could say that,” Edward nodded.  “Most vampires aren’t as disciplined as us.”
            “Then tell us where they are,” replied Harry, “and we’ll go take care of them.” 
            Edward opened his mouth to speak, but Hermione stepped forward and interrupted him.  “He’s lying, Harry,” she insisted.  “Everything he’s said is a lie.  These are the creatures we’re looking for – they have telepathic powers and they can drink the blood of animals; there’s no way they can be real vampires, at least not 100%, but any murders they commit still leave vampiric traces.  They fit the profile I described perfectly!  They must be behind the killings.”
            “Don’t be so hasty, Ms. Granger,” said Carlisle, his tone icy for the first time.  “How do you know so much about vampires?”
            “I’ve read all about them,” Hermione replied.  “I could tell right away you lot aren’t vampires.”
            “And she’s not exaggerating – Hermione reads everything,” Ron spat at Carlisle.  Hermione wasn’t sure whether or not to take that as a compliment, but this wasn’t the time to worry about that.
            “Fine,” Edward said.  “You caught us.  But not everything we’ve said is a lie – we really do like being vegetarians.”
            “You aren’t vegetarians if you eat animals you…” Ron muttered an increasingly foul string of expletives under his breath.
            “But sometimes we have weak moments,” Jasper chimed in, licking his lips.
            “Humans are the tastiest, after all,” Bella mumbled menacingly.  It was the creepiest thing Harry, Ron, and Hermione had ever heard.
            “And what’s wrong with splurging every once in a while?” Edward said coolly.
            “But eleven people in one month!” Hermione exclaimed.  “How can you justify that?  How did you plan on staying anonymous?”
            “Well, I guess we just figured we’d eat anyone who came snooping around,” Edward replied.  He turned to Bella.  “Honey, make sure we thank your Dad next time we see him for sending these guests our way.”
            Bella nodded.  “And then we can drink his blood too,” she mumbled cheerfully.  It was impossible to tell whether or not she was being serious.
            Edward began to walk towards Harry, the others following in his wake.  Harry grabbed the bag from Fred and George’s shop he’d slung around his back, took out a stake, and tossed the bag to Ron, who chose garlic and a cross.  Hermione took the hawthorn branches and holy water, and the trio braced themselves for battle.
            Edward lunged at Harry, knocking him to the ground before he could get his bearings.  Alice and Jasper charged Hermione, while Carlisle, Emmett, and Rosalie bore down on Ron.  Ron held the cross in front of him, but the ‘vampires’ took no notice of it; they pinned Ron to the ground, but still having use of his arms, he peeled the garlic and tossed it in their faces.  Carlisle spat in disgust, but was otherwise unaffected, and moved to sink his teeth into Ron.
            “Ron!” Hermione shouted in fright.  Alice and Jasper were about to grab her as well, but Hermione quickly collected herself and tossed the holy water on them.  Her enemies stopped, shook the water off, and continued rushing towards her.  Knowing they would be no use, Hermione tossed the Hawthorn branches aside, grabbed her wand, and shouted “Stupefy!”  A jet of red light burst from the end of her wand, hitting Jasper square in the chest; he flew backwards across the room, hitting one of the couches with a thud.  He stood back up almost immediately, completely unaffected by the spell.  Alice didn’t stop – she pounced on Hermione and brought her roughly to the ground, pinning her arms to the floor.  Hermione still had use of her wand, however, and luckily, it was aimed right at Alice’s leg.  Just as Alice prepared to bite, Hermione cried out “Petrificus Totalus!”  Alice’s body froze, rigid, and Hermione was able to extricate herself.
            Meanwhile, Harry was holding his own with Edward, the two wrestling furiously on the ground.  Harry had dropped the stake when Edward tackled him, and it lay just a foot or so away.  Edward got the upper hand on Harry, pinned his left arm to the ground, and bared his fangs, preparing to rip out Harry’s throat.  Desperate, Harry reached with his other arm for the stake, grabbed it be the tip of his fingers, and using all the strength he could muster, raised his legs and kicked Edward off of him.  Edward rolled over, and Harry spun about to plunge the stake into Edward’s heart.  His aim was true, and the stake sunk into Edward’s flesh without failure. 
            Harry didn’t have time to survey the results of his attack; behind him, he could hear Ron screaming in pain.  Harry leapt to his feet, wheeled about, and saw three ‘vampires’ pinning Ron down, one of them biting his neck.  Without thinking, Harry instinctively bellowed “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” with as much force as he could muster.  The silvery-white Stag burst from the end of his wand, and seemed initially confused at the lack of Dementors.  “Charge them!” Harry ordered, and the Patronus ran towards the ‘vampires,’ bowling all three of them over.  Ron was free.
            Harry, Ron, and Hermione each ran towards the doorway, Ron clutching the wound on his neck; once they were together again, they turned to face the Cullens once more.  Seven of them had returned to their feet, while Alice still lay paralyzed on the ground.  The mysterious, shirtless Jacob still stood in the corner, surveying the battle with a wry smirk.  The ‘vampires’ began to laugh maniacally – except for Bella, who mumbled maniacally – and advanced slowly on the trio. 
            “Pertificus Totalus works,” Hermione whispered.  “Use it, now!”
            They each raised their wands, took aim, and shouted “Patrificus Totalus,” but this time, none of them made contact.  All of the vampires disappeared, running away from the curses with imperceptibly fast speed. 
            “They can dodge our curses…” Hermione muttered, terrified. 
            The Cullens reappeared right next to Harry, and as Carlisle bent in to bite him, Pigwidgeon burst through a window above and soared in between Harry and Carlisle, hooting ferociously.  Stunned, Carlisle didn’t react as Pigwidgeon flew towards his face, and began screaming in unfathomable pain as the owl violently pecked out his eyes.  Harry took the opportunity to fire a massive stunning spell that bowled over several of the Cullens. 
“RUN!” Harry bellowed, and burst through the doorway, Ron and Hermione following.  If these creatures were even part vampire, they shouldn’t be able to go out in the sunlight, Harry reasoned.  It was clear and sunny outside – the rain had stopped hours ago – there, they should be safe.
            Harry’s theory seemed correct.  He, Ron, and Hermione stopped a few dozen meters from the house, looking back at the doorway.  The Cullens who had been hit with Harry’s jinx were getting back to their feet, while those who remained standing simply stared at Harry with a hungry loathing.  Carlisle lay on the ground, clutching his bloody eye sockets and writhing in pain.  Pigwidgeon soared out of the house and landed on Ron’s shoulder with a triumphant hoot.
            “They can’t come out here,” Hermione said through heavy breaths.  “They aren’t moving.”
            Edward had heard this.  He smirked and, along with Bella, walked outside into the sunlight.  Harry expected them to burst into flames, but instead, their skin began to shimmer, as though it were made of luminescent crystals.
            “No…” Hermione moaned.
            “Harry, they aren’t…” whimpered Ron.
            “Yes Ron,” said Harry.  “They’re sparkling.”
            “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ron said through gritted teeth. 
            Edward and Bella just stood there sparkling together, Bella’s sociopathic visage made even more disturbing when covered in shimmers.  The other Cullens followed Edward out, each one of them sparkling in the sunlight. 
            “There’s nowhere to run,” said Edward.  “Just accept it.”
            He burst forth with incredible speed.  Hermione grabbed Harry and Ron by the arms and disapparated without a word. 
            Edward skidded to a halt, stunned.  He looked about in every direction, but they were gone.  “How?” he asked in disbelief. 
            “We’ll get them soon,” Jasper consoled, walking up to Edward.  “They know too much.  They can’t be allowed to live.”
            “And we shall avenge your eyes, Carlisle,” Emmett added. 
            “They will die most horrible deaths,” Bella mumbled lazily.
            Jacob walked outside to survey the damage, putting his shirt back on as he did so.  “Looks like they got away,” he said mockingly. 
            “They did,” Edward replied curtly.  “But their scent still lingers, doesn’t it Jacob?”
            Jacob nodded, a grin growing on his face.
            “Find them, and bring the rest of your pack along,” Edward ordered.  “You can kill them yourselves, if you like – just bring the bodies here.”
            “My pleasure,” Jacob smiled.  He sped off into the woods and ripped his shirt off as he ran, thinking it made for a rather nice effect.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione appeared in a small clearing, on a hill in a forest as dense as the one they had just escaped.  Far off in the distance, Harry could just make out Forks; it was the size of a postage stamp.  Hermione hadn’t taken any chances.
“I’ll start with the protective enchantments,” she said, and began walking in a large circle, muttering spells and waving her wand. 
“Harry, I think we’re going to need back-up,” Ron suggested.  “Whatever those things are, they certainly aren’t vampires – we have no way to kill them.”
“I can think of two things that might do the trick,” pondered Harry.  “But they’re going to need to come to us.  Get Pigwidgeon ready – I’m going to write a letter.”
            Harry searched through Hermione’s bottomless beaded bag, and found a roll of parchment and a quill.  He composed two letters explaining the situation and asking for help, both for friends at Hogwarts.  One was for Hagrid – he would be essential in this fight – and the other for Neville who, just last year, had replaced the retiring Professor Sprout as Herbology teacher.  The term had ended last week, but Hagrid lived at Hogwarts year-round and teachers like Neville wouldn’t be heading home for at least a few more days.
            Dear Neville,
            Hermione, Ron, and I are in a bit of a jam.  We’re on an assignment for the Ministry in America, hunting down some very powerful and dangerous creatures.  They are unlike anything we have ever seen before.  We need your help – you have a weapon that may turn the tide of this battle.  If you can, come at once; follow Pigwidgeon.  And most importantly, bring the sword of Godric Gryffindor.
            Harry Potter

To Be Continued…
Tomorrow, in Chapter 3: Hermione’s Discovery

This is an unofficial, fan-made work of fiction.  Harry Potter and all related characters are owned by Scholastic Inc., Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., Warner Bros Pictures, and J.K. Rowling.  Twilight and all related characters are owned by Little, Brown and Company, Hatchette Book Group, and Stephenie Meyer.  Please support the official releases.  

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