Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello and welcome to Jonathan Lack at the Movies, the new home of film and television critic Jonathan R. Lack.  I've been writing reviews for nearly ten years now, first for the Denver Post's Colorado Kids section, then for the Denver Post's YourHub.Com website and print edition.  For many years now, all of my content, including film review, TV blogging, stories, opinions, etc. has been posted on the YourHub website, and the film reviews have been published in the Post on Thursdays.  Due to a recent redesign of the website over at YourHub, I've decided to change how I release and manage my content.

From now on, will be the central location to find ALL of the content - including film and TV reviews - that I write and release.

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I still plan on publishing most film reviews to YourHub as well, though they will likely be here first.  Since film reviews are only a portion of what I write, this new website will still be the best location to find my material.  This not only suits the new YourHub model better, which has done away with its blog feature, but suits my content as well.  If you simply want to read my reviews, will be the best place to find everything moving forward.  

So what kinds of stuff can you expect to see?  First and perhaps most prominently, there are the film reviews themselves; I review nearly every major release, and as many great obscure ones as I can find.  I also do TV blogging, which is where I follow a TV show week-by-week, reviewing and analyzing every episode in depth.  This began four years ago with the TV show Lost, which I reviewed for the last three seasons, and has continued with programs like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and House, M.D.  Currently, I review Chuck on NBC and Doctor Who from BBC America.  Both shows are on hiatus currently, but I will resume reviewing them when they come back.  Also expect to see occasional music, book, and video game reviews, as well as various entertainment related news and opinion.  Most exciting of all, perhaps, is The Monthly Ten audio podcast, which I host every month; it is released on the tenth of every month, and you can subscribe in iTunes.  Links will be provided here whenever a new episode is released.

What content can you expect to see in the immediate future?  Film reviews, obviously, with the next big one being Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, next Friday.  I love Harry Potter, so in the next few days, expect to see some very cool content leading up to the film's release.  I began reviewing Joss Whedon's classic series Firefly in a 'flashback' series of articles over on YourHub, but didn't finish due to technical and personal difficulties - that feature will restart from the beginning right here starting very soon.  More Monthly Ten Podcasts are coming your way, in addition to all sorts of film and TV articles.  It should be a very fun summer, and things will get even better as we head into the fall.

If you are coming here after following my work on, one of the unfortunate problems with the redesign of that site is that all 493 of the articles I published over there are now incorrectly formatted and, sadly, unreadable.  There's nothing I can do to fix this, but they aren't quite lost forever.  If there's an article you'd like to read, a review you wish to share, etc, please e-mail me at with the name of the article, and I can send you it, free of charge, immediately.  All my reviews still exist in my personal files.  Some of my favorites will be republished here in the coming months.   

I hope everyone enjoys this new blog.  There will be technical difficulties starting out as I learn the intricacies of Blogger and how best to present my material, but rest assured, all the content will be readable throughout the process, and the Blog will only get better from here on out.  

So enjoy the site, comment frequently, come back for more (you can always subscribe via RSS feed in your browser) and please spread the word about if you like what you see.

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