Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Monthly Ten Podcast #11 - Star Wars Celebration Part 1 - The Top Ten "Star Wars" Characters!

I’m very excited to announce the start of Star Wars Month with the release of the latest episode of The Monthly Ten Podcast.  For those new to the blog: I host this monthly podcast wherein I and a guest star count down the top ten somethings in a given month.  This month, my friend, co-host, and Star Wars guru Sean Chapman joins me for the first of three Star Wars themed podcasts for the month of September.  Parts 2 and 3 will be coming over the next two weeks, and in this installment, we discuss our Top Ten Favorite Star Wars Characters.  Remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and if you already have, it should automatically download on your ‘podcasts’ page when you open the program.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s easy, free, and can be done at any time!  Or….

We hope you enjoy this month’s show – we love talking about Star Wars, and we’ve packed this show with plenty of lively discussion, surprise sound-bites, and more!  Next Saturday, the 17th, we’ll be discussing the Top Ten Ways the Prequel Trilogy Could Have Been Improved, and in two weeks, on the 24th, we’ll close things up by ranking the six films best to worst, talking about the biggest improvements and detractions of the Special Editions, and discuss the new Blu-Ray set.  My written review of the set will be published in eleven parts starting next Saturday. 

Enjoy the show!

Please note that the Monthly Ten Podcast contains explicit language not intended for young audiences.

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