Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Announcing the all new "Monthly Stuff" Podcast! Episode #1 - 2011 Top-Ten Lists Galore! Subscribe in iTunes for free!

It’s the tenth of the month, and you know what that means….Podcast time!!!

But it’s not the “Monthly Ten” podcast anymore….no, today, I am announcing the end of the “Monthly Ten,” and the beginning of a brand new podcast hosted by “Jonathan Lack at the Movies,” and it is called…

If you enjoyed the “Monthly Ten,” where my friend Sean Chapman and I counted down the top ten something’s of a given topic each month, then you’ll love The “Monthly Stuff.”  It’s pretty much the exact same podcast.  It’s still hosted by myself and Mr. Chapman, we still talk (at length) about a given topic every month, and the show will continue to come out on or around the tenth of each month.  So don’t worry.  Nothing major is changing. 

After our first year of podcasting concluded in December, Sean and I looked at we felt was and wasn’t working, and since we’d so often broken the ‘top-ten list’ format over the last few months, we felt it was time to change the name and tweak the agenda of our show to more accurately reflect our strengths as podcasters.  It also gave me a chance to create a better RSS feed and iTunes page for the podcast, using everything I’d learned over the last year (The Monthly Ten feed was riddled with bugs, I’m ashamed to say).  Really, there was no downside to starting over with a better name, and we’re very excited for you, the listeners, to experience The “Monthly Stuff.”

If you were a subscriber to the “Monthly Ten,” however, you will need to subscribe to the new “Monthly Stuff” feed in iTunes to continue getting future episodes.  I’ve put the first “Stuff” podcast in the “Ten” feed, so you will get this episode, but after today, there will be no more new episodes of the Monthly Ten.  It’s done.  Kaput.  Luckily, subscribing to the new podcast is as easy as clicking a button…

See?  Simple (and as a sidebar, I am also trying to get the Podcast into Zune Marketplace, but they are much more difficult than iTunes).  On the inaugural edition of the “Monthly Stuff,” Sean and I discuss 2011 in review, with four different ranked lists exploring the best in Video Games, film, TV, and more!  We sincerely hope you enjoyed the new, improved podcast experience, and we’ll see you in a few weeks with the next episode!  

NOTE: The “Monthly Stuff” Podcast is tagged as ‘explicit’ in iTunes due to adult language.  If you are adverse to the F-word or listen to podcasts with young children, this isn’t the show for you. 

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