Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day on the "Monthly Stuff" Podcast - Our Most HATED Movies of All Time!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s our best – and absolute angriest – podcast so far. 

Sean Chapman and I have talked about doing a “Worst Movies” podcast before, but we held off until now, and the choice was wise, because our discussion turned out to be a engaging, witty, cathartic, and pleasingly angry marathon session of repressed cinematic memories, one that is undoubtedly a fitting thematic complement to Valentine’s Day.  In particular, Sean ends the podcast with the best segment we’ve ever done, a 25-minute epic rant on the worst film he, or any other human, has ever had to sit through.  If you only listen to one part of the podcast, make it the last 25 minutes.

We also devoted some time at the beginning of the show to a BRAND NEW segment, a “Monthly Round-Up” of sorts, where we talk about recent news and developments in the news of movie, comics, and other generally geeky pursuits.  We discuss the brand new “Amazing Spider-Man” trailer, the “Avengers” Super-Bowl spot, the new DC Comics logo, and DC’s upcoming “Before Watchmen” series.  It’s another lively discussion, so don’t miss out! 


Intro: 0:00 – 0:02
Movie Trailers, Comic Books, etc: 0:02 – 0:36
Our Most Hated Movies: 0:36 – 2:30
Sean’s Epic Rant on his most hated movie: 2:30 – 2:55

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