Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Introducing WGTC RADIO, The New Podcast From Jonathan R. Lack and Sean Chapman

As previously announced here, I’ve been made the Associate Editor of entertainment website We Got This Covered, and as I make the transition, several items from Jonathan Lack At The Movies will be moving over to the new website.

One of those is the popular “Monthly Stuff” Podcast I’ve spent the last year-and-a-half hosting with my good friend Sean Chapman. Though the content of the show has not changed – it’s still Sean and I riffing on whatever entertainment topics interest us – it’s now tied directly to We Got This Covered and has, appropriately enough, been renamed WGTC Radio. 

Which means you have to subscribe to another new feed in iTunes. I’m sorry!

There are several benefits to producing the podcast as WGTC Radio. For one, we’ll likely reach more listeners, and more importantly, we may have more resources going forward to make the podcast the absolute best it can be. Most importantly to our long-time listeners, Sean and I have finally decided to switch to a weekly format, at least for the time being. So instead of one podcast a month, you’ll now get four or five. And if I did my math right, that’s better!

For our first episode, we decided to draw new listeners in with a discussion of our Top Ten Favorite Movies of All-Time, but the podcast was so long we had to split it into two episodes! Part 1 is the debut installment, and next Wednesday, we’ll post Part 2 as Episode 2. Simple, right? And we’ve got lots of great content coming your way after that.

So subscribe to WGTC Radio in iTunes – after next week, The “Monthly Stuff” feed will go dark – and please enjoy Sean and mine’s continuing exploits in the world of internet audio!

Listen To WGTC RADIO – Episode #1 Right Here!

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