Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visit 'Ghibli Central,' my new blog about the world of Studio Ghibli!

If you have been reading my work for any length of time, you know that my favorite director is Hayao Miyazaki, and that the works of his animation company, Studio Ghibli, are the films I love most in this world. For a long while now, I have been thinking of ways to engage more with this material. I have had a book about Miyazaki and Ghibli's films in the planning stages for the past year or so, I will probably compose my upcoming Master's thesis on the director, and I have also thought about starting a website about these movies, one that may provide a better and more exhaustive database of information and discussion for English-language fans of the films.

This third option has always had great appeal to me, as it would allow me to write about these films on a consistent, ongoing basis, and hopefully engage with many dedicated fans as a result. And now, I have finally decided to get to work on this project - because if I do not get started now, when will I?

Thus, I would like to introduce you to Ghibli Central, a brand new blog - and, one day, something more - about the world of Studio Ghibli, its films, and the people behind the magic. You can visit this new website at, and look forward to plenty of news, reviews, product breakdowns, and more as the project gets underway.

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As I wrote in the Welcome post over at Ghibli Central: "My ultimate goal for Ghibli Central is this: That it will be a great, one-stop database for reliable and insightful information and discussion about the films of Studio Ghibli. I want each film to have its own section, complete with simple data like summaries, credits, and product information, but also essays, analysis, and historical/cultural context. I want this website to be a place where fans of Ghibli’s works can come and learn, or discover and share new ideas about the films, in a setting that is easy to navigate but rich with content." 

Now, that goal is obviously a long ways off, and Ghibli Central is very much a rough work-in-progress at this point, the current Blogger design being little more than a placeholder, allowing me to create and publish content and get my footing for this new project before moving on to a more complex, rewarding website design that will house much more material.

And even if many of my goals are months or even years down the line? Well, then I can at least promise that this blog will be a fun side-project for the foreseeable future, and that fans of Studio Ghibli will have plenty enjoy over the coming weeks, as I have lots of fun and interesting ideas for content, including Blu-Ray and soundtrack reviews, analytical essays, artbook overviews, and much more. To me, this is the first step towards something greater, and I am very, very excited to get to work.

Follow me on Twitter @JonathanLack for updates on Ghibli Central, as well as all other websites and projects I am currently working on, and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or suggestions about the new venture. Like I said, it is a work-in-progress, and I am open to outside counsel and recommendations.

Visit Ghibli Central at 

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