Friday, April 4, 2014

The Weekly Stuff #82 - Marvel Movie Retrospective & One-Shot Reviews

It’s time for another episode of The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman, a weekly audio show that explores the worlds of film, video gaming, and television. Remember to subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link!

This week, we prepare for the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier – look for my review sometime tonight – by looking back at all of Marvel Studios’ films to date, from Iron Man in 2008 to Thor: The Dark World in 2013. What makes the Marvel superhero films so special, and why do we prefer them to the majority of superhero cinema to date? In addition, we also review some of Marvel’s recent One-Shot short films, included as bonus features on the Marvel Blu-Ray releases. Do these live up to what the feature films have to offer, or they just throwaway curiosities?

Before the main topic, we also discuss some of the recent video games we’ve been playing – including Dark Souls II, Bravely Default, and Luftrausers – and briefly cover some recent, interesting news.


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  1. Great podcast guys, but I think Thor: The Dark World was talked about the least of the Marvel movies on your show (except for Sean saying how much he likes it). Something about the second Thor movie really struck a cord with me - from the inventive imploding grenades to the unique final battle at the end. I even though for a little while that I liked it more than 'The Avengers'. However, re-watching 'The Avengers' always puts it back on top for me. I really look forward to your review of Cap: The Winter Soldier which felt to me like really great and amped up Bourne movie. The Marvel movies are starting to seem like a television series with a couple of long episode a year, with more per year planned in the future. Also like a TV series, I can appreciate current "episodes" after re-watching the series again from the start.

  2. Thanks Kenneth! We actually did do a full review of Thor 2, which you can find in Episode 71, over on the Archive page -

  3. Oh, thanks! I can't believe I missed it!