Friday, August 22, 2014

The Last of Us Remastered: Portraits - Part Three: Environment

Over the previous year, we have talked plenty of times about Naughty Dog's masterpiece The Last of Us on The Weekly Stuff Podcast. We reviewed it on Episode #54, named it the best game of 2013 on Episode #75, discussed the DLC Left Behind on Episode #78, and just last week shared our thoughts on the new Remastered edition for PS4.

Suffice it to say, the game is one of my all time favorites, as a second playthrough on the PS4 really reinforced. And while the Remastered edition is indeed a terrific revitalization of an already gorgeous game, my favorite part of playing it wasn't the new graphics, or even the preexisting story itself - it was the newly added 'Photo Mode,' which allows players to freeze the action, manipulate, and create gorgeous screenshots from within the game. It is an unbelievably powerful tool for a console game, giving you all the power of a skilled photographer within the game world, and as soon as I started using it, I just couldn't stop, and spent a wholly unnecessary amount of play time simply experimenting with the game's imagery. At a certain point, I felt like an actual photographer trying to put a portfolio or gallery together, out exploring the world and taking pictures whenever I felt inspired. It is a truly fascinating and uniquely engaging way to interact with a game.

This obsession is something I have mentioned on the podcast a few times now, and I wanted to share some of the best photos I got with our listeners. From a raw number of around 200 screenshots, I whittled things down to a few dozen really strong ones, and so as not to overload these web pages, I have split the images into three galleries. You are looking at Part Three right now, which focuses on various shots of the landscape and environment. Part One focuses on calmer scenes with Joel and other characters, while Part Two captures moments of action and violence. Enjoy...

See The Last of Us Remastered: Portraits - Part Three after the jump...

Click on the images below to see larger versions in full HD resolution. 

Massachusetts State House

Subway Flag

Night Sky – Hell

Night Sky – Horror


Window in Rain

Tree Indoors


Lincoln – Open Matte

Smoke over Lincoln





Sunset – Open Matte


Prom 2013 

Toy Store




Waterworks – Open Matte

Winter Landscape 1 

Winter Landscape 2

Winter Landscape 3



See more Portraits in Part 1: Moments and Part 2: Action. 

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