Monday, April 25, 2016

The Weekly Stuff Podcast #143 – New York Stories, Dark Souls 3, Xbox 360 Memories, and much more!

It’s time for another episode of The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman, a weekly audio show that explores the worlds of film, television, and video games. You can subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link.

This week’s episode is something of a grab-bag, as we cover a wide range of topics including Sean’s initial thoughts on Dark Souls 3, Jonathan’s takes on the finales of Better Call Saul and Supergirl, and continuing reports about Sony’s plans for a so-called PlayStation 4.5. Sean shares a ton of stories from his recent trip to New York – including what random people on the street told him about Batman v Superman – and for our main topic, we pay our last respects to the Xbox 360, for which Microsoft recently announced it is officially ending production.


(Note: I am aware there are audio issues with this episode. The ‘vinyl record pops’ are back, and worse than ever. I thought I had fixed the issue. Apparently not. We will be taking steps to fix this with next week’s episode).

Time Chart:

Digimon Talk: 0:00:00 – 0:06:50
Intro: 0:06:50 – 0:10:20
Supergirl & Better Call Saul: 0:10:20 – 0:23:02
Sean’s New York Stories: 0:23:02 – 1:12:09
Dark Souls 3: 1:12:09 – 1:22:35
Trailer Reactions: 1:22:35 – 1:48:35
Avatar Sequels: 1:48:35 – 2:01:40
Spider-Man: Homecoming News: 2:01:40 – 2:06:40
New PS4.5 (‘Project Neo’) Reports: 2:06:40 – 2:35:31
Xbox 360 Farewell & Retrospective: 2:35:31 – 3:11:59

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  1. Hey thanks for responding to my comment the other week. The Digimon segment of your podcast inspired me to write in again... Concerning the Digimon anime, I watched Digimon Tamers the other week for the first time ever, Japanese audio, and it was amazing. Whereas the prior two seasons probably only have nostalgic value to me, there's a reason why Digimon Tamers is so well regarded, and that's because the guy who directed it is the same guy who did Serial Experiments Lain, Chiaki J. Konaka, and like all his other works he brings existential philosophies and lovecraftain horror... to a kids show. The result is amazing yet horrifying, it's one of the most interesting anime experiences I've had in a long time, and was surprised as an adult how much I was able to enjoy it. I implore you both to at least look it up!
    I'm now off to see a midnight screening of Civil War (releases in Australia tonight. Hey I'm not bragging just expressing excitement!)

  2. Both AMD and NVIDIA are releasing their new generation of graphics cards so that might correspond with the new PS4 release. The new graphics cards will be more powerful, run cooler, and use less power than previous generations.

    Spider-Man 2:
    J. JONAH JAMESON: “It’s all over town, Robbie. Gossip. Rumors. Panic in the streets, if we’re lucky. Crazy scientist turns himself into some kind of a monster. Four mechanical arms welded right onto his body. Heh…Guy named Otto Octavius winds up with eight limbs. What are the odds? Hoffman! What are we gonna call this guy?”

    HOFFMAN: “Dr. Octopus?”

    JJJ: “That’s crap.”

    HOFFMAN: “Science Squid”?

    JJJ: “Crap!”

    HOFFMAN: “Dr. Strange.”

    JJJ: “That’s pretty good…but it’s taken. Wait, wait! I got it. ‘Dr. Octopus’. ”

    HOFFMAN: “But…eh…I like it.”

    JJJ: “Of course you do. 'Dr. Octopus’. New villain in town. 'Doc Ock’. ”

    HOFFMAN: “Genius.”

    JJJ: “What? Are you looking for a raise? Get out.”