Monday, October 18, 2021

Weekly Suit Gundam #40 – Reconguista in G Review & Discussion

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For the 35th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, franchise creator Yoshiyuki Tomino returned for what is, as of now, his latest installment in the series: Reconguista in G, perhaps the strangest and unquestionably the most formally daring of all Gundam series. Dense, complicated, wildly fast-paced, and persistently challenging, Reconguista is a divisive entry among the global Gundam fandom, but here at Weekly Suit Gundam, we are in awe of it. There is simply nothing quite like Reconguista in G, which sees Tomino turning up all his thematic and stylistic interests to 11, resulting in one of the purest auteur statements in modern mainstream media. With the best action sequences in the history of Gundam, arguably franchise-best TV animation, amazing and vibrant characters, and a structure that practically re-invents the language of anime before your eyes, Reconguista in G is an endlessly rewarding artistic gauntlet, and one of the very finest shows we’ve had the pleasure of discussing in 40 episodes of Weekly Suit Gundam.

Enjoy, and come back next time for Season 1 of the global hit Iron-Blooded Orphans!

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