Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Weekly Stuff Bonus Podcast – 91stAcademy Awards Reactions from Jonathan Lack

It’s time for a bonus episode of The Weekly Stuff Podcast with Jonathan Lack & Sean Chapman, a weekly audio show that explores the worlds of film, television, and video games. You can subscribe for free in iTunes by following this link

Sean couldn’t record this week, so instead, Jonathan watched and live-tweeted the 91stAcademy Awards, following it up with a solo podcast discussing overall reactions to the show, the winners, and what we should take away from a night that had a horrible ending – Green Book, aka 2 Driving 2 Daisy, winning Best Picture – but a lot of things worth celebrating along the way. Jonathan delivers a monologue about the good and the bad of this year’s Oscars, and what lessons we might learn from them, before going category by category to discuss the winners, losers, and where his predictions diverted from the final results. 


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