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The Top 10 Characters I Want in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC

There are few games I love more than Super Smash Bros., and the DLC fighters Masahiro Sakurai and his team have been developing for Ultimate over the past year have been a constant delight. With the announcement late last year that the DLC would be continuing into a second season (or, as they call it, Fighters Pass 2), with six more fighters coming through 2021, I thought now would be a good time to make a personal wish list, and share with you the characters I most want to see added to the already incredible roster. 

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Characters I Want in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 

10. Anna (Fire Emblem Franchise)

This sly, mischievous merchant has appeared in nearly every Fire Emblem game to date, and given the ever-burgeoning size of the Fire Emblem roster within Super Smash Bros, it would be a shame not to include this beloved mainstay of the tactical RPG franchise. When included as a playable unit, Anna is usually a sword wielder, but if that feels a little too redundant given all the Fire Emblem swordsman so far, you could always have her steal a move from Meowth and just throw money at everyone to do damage. After so many games spent selling weapons and items to the player, she has to have enough of it by now. 

9. Donnel (Fire Emblem Awakening)

We’ve never had a Smash Bros character fight with a makeshift spear made from a big stick before, and that’s exactly what Donnel, farm boy turned warrior extraordinaire from Fire Emblem Awakening would bring to the table. He’s small, he’s plucky, and if you spend enough time making him grind for experience, he’s pretty darn good in a fight. Get that boy in Smash Bros, pronto! 

8. Eirika and Ephraim (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)

If you’ve got a good thing, why not keep it going? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already has three Fire Emblem protagonists with alternate male and female forms – Robin, Corrin, and Byleth – and the cool thing about Eirika and Ephraim, the brother and sister duo from the GBA’s Sacred Stones, is that they’re actually separate characters! Plus they’ve both got very cool blue hair, and it’s slightly different than the cool blue hair from 6 of the 8 existing Fire Emblem fighters in Smash. Let these royal siblings join the battle! 

7. Young Roy (Fire Emblem GBA)

We’ve got Young Link. We’ve got Pichu, who’s sort of a Young Pikachu. Why not make it an even trio and introduce Young Roy, from his memorable cameo at the end of the GBA Fire Emblem, which is a prequel to his own game, the unreleased-outside-of-Japan Binding Blade? Look at the little guy. He and Young Link could be best friends. And Roy was one of the original two Fire Emblem characters who made it into Smash, all the way back in Melee, thus getting Westerners interested in the franchise in the first place. Why wouldn’t you want Young Roy in a future DLC?  

6. Berkut (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

This morally compromised, tragic antagonist from the underrated 3DS masterpiece Fire Emblem Echoes would be a great fit for Smash Bros, especially since we haven’t yet had a playable villain from Fire Emblem in Smash yet! Servant of the Dark Lord Duma, noble of the land of Rigel, driven mad with power in his quest to become the Emperor, and ultimately redeemed when he and his love interest Rinea go off into the afterlife together, there’s plenty of memorable material to draw upon for Berkut if chosen for Smash Bros. 

5. Frederick (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Everyone’s favorite Knight from this 3DS classic would be a great inclusion for all sorts of reasons, but most importantly, he would get to run around the stage yelling his death blow line, “Pick a God and pray!”, which is in fact one of the greatest pieces of dialogue in the history of gaming. 

4. Camilla (Fire Emblem Fates)

Camilla is an obvious inclusion, because Smash Bros doesn’t have nearly enough fan service. “But wait, Jonathan, the game is all fan service, what are you talking about?” Well sure, Smash Bros is in one sense the world’s largest collection of ‘fan service,’ in terms of giving players countless crossovers from dozens of beloved franchises, with stages and music and easter eggs and all sort of nods to the fans. But it’s not ‘fan service’ in, you know, this sense of the term: 

Now why wouldn’t you want more of that in Smash Bros

3. Tiki (Fire Emblem Franchise)

The definitive Manakete character – seemingly underpowered units who can transform into mighty dragons – and one of the most frequently recurring Fire Emblem mainstays (she appears in the original game, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, plus Mystery of the Emblem for the Super Famicom and Awakening for the 3DS), Tiki is an essential Smash Bros. inclusion. You get a little bit of dragon transformation with Corrin, but it’s not nearly enough. I propose Tiki starts out, like she does in the games, a seemingly weak, underpowered fighter, who can fully transform into a dragon if enough energy is stored up (sort of like Joker from Persona 5 summoning his Persona). It would certainly make for some fierce, unpredictable matches. 

2. Libra and Tharja (Fire Emblem Awakening)

The unforgettable War Monk and Dark Mage from Fire Emblem Awakening are awesome characters in their own right, but put together, they form gaming’s ultimate gay couple power duo. Yeah yeah, the game tells you Libra is a dude, but she’s clearly a woman (it’s sort of a Brienne of Tarth situation, you know?), and she and Tharja go so well together, and they’re an absolute powerhouse pair in Awkening’s combat. In my personal head canon, their romance is one of my favorites. Let them fight together Ice Climbers style, and I’d be fighting as them all the time. 

1. Lyn (Fire Emblem GBA

Lyn, full name Lyndis, also known as the Lady of the Plains, is one of the great protagonists in Fire Emblem history, the first character you meet in the first Fire Emblem game ever released in the West, and she’s both one of the best characters and – importantly for Smash – one of the coolest character designs in the franchise. 

You’ve probably figured out by now this article is an April Fool’s joke, I don’t really think we need ten more Fire Emblem characters on top of the whopping eight we already have in Smash Bros, but I am dead serious Lyn should be added to the roster. She’s already there as a spirit and a very cool assist trophy, and that’s nice, but she’s genuinely so much more interesting than all of the other Fire Emblem protagonists they’ve already included in the game, and it would be so cool to see her fully modeled in 3D, high-definition graphics. 

Lyn deserves this. Lyn earned this. 

Put Lyn in Super Smash Bros, goddammit. 

Actual Top 10 Characters I Want in Super Smash Bros. (Not an April Fool’s joke): 

10. Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise)
9. Waluigi (Mario Franchise)
8. Solaire of Astoria (Dark Souls)
7. Cuphead (Cuphead)
6. Toad and Toadette (Mario Franchise)
5. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
4. Midna and Wolf Link (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)
3. Zero (Mega Man X/Mega Man Zero)
2. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country Franchise)
1. Son Goku (Dragon Ball)

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